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Here you can find the profiles of all your favourite VPW Stars. Past, present and future stars can all be found here.  We will add interview links in the future.

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Stars @ VPW
Ballard Brothers
HEIGHT:- Information To Follow
WEIGHT:- Information To Follow
Hometown:- Information To Follow
Finishing Move:- Information To Follow
Famous Quote:- ‘’
Bob 'Hardcore' Holly
HEIGHT:- Info to Follow
WEIGHT:- Info to Follow
Hometown:- Info to Follow
Finishing Move:- Info to Follow
Famous Quote:- ‘’
Chris Andrews
HEIGHT:- 6ft 1"
WEIGHT:- 225 lbs
Hometown:- Exeter
Finishing Move:- Devon-Drop
Famous Quote:- ‘Obsession, a word used by the lazy to describe the dedicated
Christopher Starr
HEIGHT:- 6ft
WEIGHT:- A slim and Toned 175 lbs
Hometown:- Wokingham
Finishing Move:- Cholester-Roll
Famous Quote:- ‘Put down your Mars bar, and pick up a Gym bar!!!
D'Lo Brown
HEIGHT:- Info to Follow
WEIGHT:- Info to Follow
Hometown:- Info to Follow
Finishing Move:- Info to Follow
Famous Quote:- ‘’
HEIGHT:- 5ft 10"
WEIGHT:- 189 lbs
Hometown:- Tehran, Iran
Finishing Move:- Hammerlock DDT, Camel Clutch
Famous Quote:- ‘No Comment
Em Jay
HEIGHT:- 5ft 6"
WEIGHT:- 126lbs
Hometown:- Portsmouth
Finishing Move:- Top Rope Seated Senton
Famous Quote:- ‘I maybe a woman but I'll kick your butt any time!
Jake McCluskey
HEIGHT:- 5ft 11"
WEIGHT:- 170 lbs
Hometown:- Hayling Island
Finishing Move:- Moonsault
Famous Quote:- ‘It's not the size of the dog in the fight, It's the size of the fight in the dog!
Jemma Palmer
Hometown:- TBC
Finishing Move:- Famous Quote:- ‘’
Kip James (aka Billy Gunn)
HEIGHT:- 6ft 5"
WEIGHT:- 270lbs
Hometown:- Orlando, Florida
Finishing Move:- Gunnslinger, Fame-Ass-er, Leg Drop Bulldog
Famous Quote:- ‘’
Matt Vaughn
HEIGHT:- 6ft 2"
WEIGHT:- 190lbs
Hometown:- Cardiff, Wales
Finishing Move:- Falcon-Arrow Suplex
Famous Quote:- ‘Its a proven fact Wales is more superior than England
Rob Holte
HEIGHT:- 6ft 1"
WEIGHT:- 225 lbs
Hometown:- Basingstoke
Finishing Move:- Spine Buster, Texas Cloverleaf
Famous Quote:- ‘I will beat any man at any cost!
Robbie Everest
HEIGHT:- 6ft 2"
WEIGHT:- 195 lbs
Hometown:- Weston-Super-Mare
Finishing Move:- Round the World DDT
Famous Quote:- ‘This ones for the Queen baby!
Sheamus (SOS)
HEIGHT:- 6ft 6"
WEIGHT:- 272lbs
Hometown:- Clonsilla - Dublin Ireland
Finishing Move:- Celtic Cross, Irish Curse
Famous Quote:- ‘--
HEIGHT:- 6ft
WEIGHT:- 197 lbs
Hometown:- Norwich
Finishing Move:- Jacknife Powerbomb
Famous Quote:- ‘I'm Gonna Eat You
The U.K. Kid
HEIGHT:- 6ft 1"
WEIGHT:- 186 lbs
Hometown:- Milan, London, New York
Finishing Move:- Super Kick
Famous Quote:- ‘ Not only am i great at what i do, but I look great too! I am the international superstar!!!