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A New Dawn in VPW History - 18.08.11

With many favourites and entrants to compete for the first ever VPW Championship Nathan McKenzie and Jake McCluskey were at the top of the list as possible winners, yet as the night unfolded we saw both men eliminated in the 1st round leaving the final two, Former WWE Star Daivari and 6'6 Mountain of Muscle Leon Shah battling to wear the VPW title belt.

The Final started before both opponents could even reach the ring with Daivari jumping Leon form behind in a fight which went from the floor to the stage and even through the railings.

Chaos had broken lose and the 512 fans in The Portsmouth Guildhall were on their feet cheering for Leon Shah making it clear who the fans wanted to see become champion.

Backwards and forward the match went between the two of them, the crowd could tell that both men wanted this more than any
After 20 minutes of hard hitting action The Mountain of Muscle seemed on top until Daivari knocked down the ref and nailed Leon with the belt and then in front of a home crowd pinning Leon Shah 1, 2, 3!

Making Former WWE Star, Shawn Daivari the 1st ever Varsity Pro Wrestling Champion!


With both men gaining steam as the night went on Daivari managed to over come Jake McCluskey in the 1st round after interference from Nathan McKenzie, then topping The Devon Power House Chris Andrews using the ropes get the 3 count. While Leon Shah defeated Trevor Manners in the 1st round and VPW Tough Guy Rob Holte to move on to the final.

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