Hometown Hero Prevails

Friday 17th February 2023 Results


Country Big def. ‘The Lightning Kid’ Oli Blake:

Our opening contest featured 6ft 2in 220lbs Country Big taking on VPW School Of Excellence's 'The Lightning Kid' Oli Blake. 

Country Big utalised his size advantage over Blake, at times getting in Blakes face and trying to intimidate him. Blake refused to back

down at every point refusing to be bullied around by Country Big, fighting back at every opening. As Blake mounted a comeback hitting a big neckbreaker for a 2 count before heading to the top rope signalling for his signature crossbody. Country Big would however move baiting Blake into rope only to roll him up using the ropes to steal the win.  

The debuting L.A Taylor made her way to the ring for her VPW debut.

The hard hitting brawler from Cornwall insulted the Basingstoke crowd and made it very clear that there was nobody within the ranks of VPW that could step up to the ‘Demolition Woman’. It didn’t take long for the call to be answered by none other than VPW School Of Excellence graduate, making her return to Varsity Pro Wrestling, ‘The Villianess’ Skye Smitson.

Skye Smitson def. L.A Taylor:
Taylor ambushed Smitson immediately after the bell laying her out with a vicious chokeslam. The Villianess was assisted back to the dressing room following this brutal attack.

Lance Cole def. ‘The High Flying Eagle’ Nathan Mackenzie:
Cole picked up the win thanks to some assistance from Country Big. As the two continued to beatdown Mackenzie, Oli Blake rushed to the ring and made the save challenging both Cole and Country to a tag team showdown in the second half.

Oli Blake & Nathan Mackenzie def. Lance Cole & Country Big:

Main Event: Great Britain vs. Switzerland:
“Ruthless” Rob Holte def. Drake The Destroyer.
After paying respect to the National Anthem for Switzerland, Drake wasted very little time attacking the hometown hero before reaching the end to the anthem for Great Britain. Everything The ‘Swiss Beast’ threw at him from fall away slams, bear hugs, and an F5, Holte just wouldn’t stay down.

The atmosphere was outstanding as the sold out crowd roared with excitement for the local hero to fight back. An incredible sight was to be hold as “Ruthless” Rob Holte lifted the 25 stone monster to his feet and slammed him in the centre of the ring, following up with an RKO, the referee counted 1.2.3.
The undefeated European Champion from Switzerland was finally dethroned and Basingstoke’s own Rob Holte concluded the evening as the winner!!!